let the music grow

Let The Music Grow

Let the Music Grow is a special campaign designed to raise $1.8 million for the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra to spark artistic innovation, grow our education programs and add excitement to concerts. These are initiatives that reach beyond the HSO’s standard, budgeted resources and will create the kind of change our audience will see and hear! The campaign has five primary components, each with its own revenue goal:

  • Artistic Innovation Fund {$600,000} to invest in new works of music; stellar guest artists, high-tech multi-media shows and special events incorporating other art forms like dance, theatre and video.
  • Educational Opportunity Fund {$350,000} to expand music education programs that are already delivering positive outcomes in local schools.
  • Sound & Lighting Enhancement Fund {$350,000} to fund on-stage improvements like acoustical shells and sound shields, as well as purchase new instruments. New audio and lighting upgrades will enhance our Capital BlueCross Pops concerts and all new equipment will be the property of the HSO (not permanent installations in the Forum auditorium which is owned by the Commonwealth of PA.)
  • Stage Extension {$150,000} A removable extension will be created to add 10 feet to the Forum stage for special HSO productions. Pending approval from the Commonwealth of PA, this extension will allow the HSO to stage major choral/orchestral works and Broadway-style productions that are currently impossible to execute on the existing stage.
  • Champions Fund for Deficit Elimination {$350,000}* The HSO has been operating from a balanced budget for the past four years, but carries a long-term deficit that was accumulated over many prior years.  This is not uncommon among arts & cultural organizations. This portion of the campaign will eliminate the deficit and allow the HSO to proceed with a clean fiscal slate.

*UPDATE: This portion of the campaign has already been funded with contributions from the Harrisburg Symphony Association’s Board of Directors and former Directors. Donors will not be asked to fund past deficits.

How will YOU Let the Music Grow?

Please consider a special gift – in addition to your essential donation to the HSO’s Annual Fund – to Let the Music Grow.

For more information about Let the Music Grow, request a brochure by mail or call Ted Reese at 717.612.4964.