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Hum. Sing. Listen.

Dear Friends, 

While we were disappointed to have postponed our pops performance scheduled for release on December 5th,  we are happy to share these fantastic pops performances from our archives, works by two American musical legends that have become a part of the soundtrack to our collective story.   

George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue from 1924, brought jazz and the blues to the concert stage and defined the sound of a bright, shining, optimistic American landscape.  In this HSO performance from 2011, our own Stuart Malina leads the orchestra from the piano.  

Leonard Bernstein – another composer with an instantly recognizable and American sound – wrote his West Side Story in 1957, over 60 years ago, and it spoke bravely about the troubles of the time, many of which we can still feel today.     

This is why music is important: it expresses the feelings that we all share at one time or another, often without words, and this brings us together – it unifies us and reminds us how much we have in common.     

As we enter the holiday season, please know that the Harrisburg Symphony is here with you, and we invite you to hum, sing, and celebrate with us — safely at home — until we are together again.    

Best wishes, 

Matthew Herren 
Executive Director 

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